About Us

In a perfect world?, every parrot? should have a home??, and every home should have a parrot, but ours is a less than ideal world.

For most people, having parrots is nothing more than watching over a horde of mini-vampires that can fly into, chew and destroy your valuables, and always find a chance to bite your toe.

Well, at Birds Pundit, we demystify keeping parrots and other birds at home and make it more rewarding to own a feathery pal, if you’ve got the nerve for it, of course!

Our content, resource, and products all make it easy, even for beginners and young owners, to get into the hobby and have the best experience with their birdies.

Most of our contributors own (or have owned) birds giving our content a personal and realistic touch. We also participate in plenty of forums to ensure we offer a holistic view through the experiences of other bird owners.

We endeavor to make your birdies?????? tweet in delight and make you a jolly, fulfilled?? owner.

Happy Birding.

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