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Do Parrots and Dogs Get Along (What Kind of Dogs)

Parrots and dogs can somewhat get along, though the pairing errs on the side of caution, plus it depends on the canine and bird you have.

Generally, it’s in a bird’s nature to be afraid of dogs, and your canines dispensation to seem like a threat to your birdie, given that rogue individuals often attack parrots, especially if not well introduced.

Sometimes, your dog doesn’t even have to intend to harm the bird, but it still might instantly kill it by accident.

As such, the best thing you can do to ensure your parrot and dog coexist is to make them indifferent towards each other.

Keep them from coming into close contact often, not only for safety reasons but also to keep them from sharing ailments. But do it in a way each animal perceives the other as a friend, not a foe.

The two animals don’t have to be the best of friends. It’s ok if they don’t try to create a connection and even ignore each other, as long as they don’t hurt each other.

For more insight into this topic, please read through the post to the end.

Are Parrots Good with Dogs

In terms of safety and security, let’s just say that’s a grey area!

Why do I say this?

For starters, it’s not absolutely impossible for a dog to attack a parrot unprovoked or even maul it without intent. Moreover, there are harmful germs in a dog’s fur, and a canines saliva will kill a parrot.

So, you really have to trust your dog to maintain it with parrots.

However, if you are considering parrots and dogs in terms of both being ideal pet additions for your home, well, they are very suitable.

Both animals are pretty intimate with their owners. While parrots are adorable cuddlers, dogs crave and adore licking people they like and often want owners to pet them.

How to Introduce Your Parrot to Your Dog

Cats and dogs are natural predators. Well, technically, so are parrots (may prey on mice and snakes), but in terms of precedence and aggression, the former takes the top spot.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you introduce them appropriately and with a lot of caution, especially if the parrot is the newest member of your family.

If approached correctly and supervise your animals, your parrot and dog will get along just fine.

Note that even the most well-mannered dog remains curious most of the time and will want to tease your parrot every now and then. This a risk since what your canine considers playing is a little too aggressive for birds and can easily hurt them.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do while introducing your pets is to ensure every time your bird is outside the cage with the dog, you are around to supervise them.

You can have your parrot and dog out together or have them in the same room if you are watching them. You just never want to let them out unsupervised.

Another thing you want to do when introducing your bird to a dog is positive reinforcement with treats to help your parrot get over its fear for the canine.

Help your bird associate your dog’s sight, smell, and sound with sweet and friendly things while making sure you maintain a safe distance in case of erratic behavior from either animal.

As far as your bird learns to fear your dog to a reasonable extent in the off-chance they run into each other with no supervision, helping them remain less freaked out all the time is desirable.

Together with positive reinforcement with treats, I also make sure I pet my dog in the presence of my parrot to help him understand that this particular canine is a friend and mate.

Just remember you have to do the introduction gradually and consistently, making sure you supervise the interaction at every step.

Lastly, while introducing your dog to a parrot, carefully watch and monitor his reaction. If your canine appears interested but readily distracted, this is a good indication the two may get along.

What Kind of Dogs are Good with Parrots

If you know much about dogs, you understand that some breeds are a lot more aggressive than others. These belligerent canines are prone to attacking other pets, including parrots.

They also are some that are borderline aggressive, meaning they can be potentially dangerous with provocation and depending on how well they are introduced to other pets.

Then we have the subtle, docile ones that are perfect for birds, cats, and almost any pet.

With that said, below are a couple of dog breeds you can safely keep with parrots.

But just before we look at the list, a rule of thumb to note is if a dog breed is not safe for babies (and kids), it’s perhaps not ideal for birds either.

For instance, while pit bulls and Rotties are reasonably safe around kids if well raised, they are pretty aggressive and are more prone to harming your parrot more than, let’s say, a golden retriever.

**#1—**Golden Retriever

Retrievers, spaniels, and poodles are bred for hunting (retrieves game for a hunter) and maybe a threat to your parrot, but the adorable golden breed is prized for its sweet and friendly disposition.

As such, individuals from the family are arguably one of the best breeds to keep with other pets, including birds.

**#2—**Labrador Retriever

Alot like golden retrievers, labradors are affectionate, easy-going dogs who may tolerate parrots. Experts rate them as very friendly towards other animals and familiar humans.

But it shouldn’t be lost on you that they still are a hunting breed, so make sure anytime both the parrot and pup are outside, you are around to supervise them.

Morever, have a baby fence around your bird’s cage to keep the dog locked outside when you are not actively supervising them.

A lab is a natural bird dog, but you need to supervise anytime both are out of their cage and put one in while the other is out and about.

**#3—**Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu is another somewhat ideal candidate to maintain with parrots. It’s definitely not a hunting breed, although most tend to be quite playful.

Your doggie will want to play with the bird anytime it flutters to the floor, which is not hazardous, as long as you are around to supervise them.

Shis Tzu’s can be best buds with your cat or like to watch your fish, lizard, or snake. They also show a unique relationship with parrots and other birds.

My Two Cents

Keeping birds with dogs is quite a lot a hit and miss situation. It works most of the times, but even the best-behaved dog sometimes gets startled and hurt other pets.

Therefore, observe caution at all times and also evaluate and compare the temperament of both animals to know whether they can stay together.

If you have two aggressive animals, a scuffle will most likely ensue, which is also quite likely if both animals are a little too much on the playful side.

What you need is the two animals to be modestly interested in each other but also easily distracted if they get too zealous.

Lastly, please note there are many more dog breeds such as huskies that can live with parrots if well introduced the ones mentioned above are only the ones I have experience with.

That’s all for this post.

Happy Birding ????????????.

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