Do Parrots, Birds Love Music—What Kind Do They Like

You’ve probably seen videos on Youtube of parrots seemingly enjoying music, with some even doing a little dance🕺💃 to the beat.

So, out of curiosity and pure intrigue, I’m sure you can’t help but wonder if all birds enjoy music?

I know I did🤷‍♂️!

Does music🎼🎶 soothe parrots or perk them up?

Well, let’s find out!

Music excites birds and they love to hear some notes and instruments. This makes them sing, yell and call along to the tune. Adding little dances will make your parrots to be happy and goofy.

Parrots are particularly fond of music and will do more than just listen. They’ll dance and headbang much if they like the tune.

If you’ve tried listening to music with your parrot, you will notice with some tunes, the bird will look intrigued and excited, though with some, they get bored and can’t be bothered.

So, Yes, parrots and other house birds love music, but they are very particular about the genre and bands. Our little birdie lords’ musical taste is a lot like that of humans, diverse and different between individuals.

See more insight below.

What Kind of Music Do Birds Like

From experience, different birds seem to enjoy varying types of music. While one bird may enjoy rock and folk music, bob its head, and stamp its feet, another birdie might enjoy pop beats more.

To learn what music your bird loves, play different tunes each day and check his reaction. If the birdie enjoys the beats and band, you should notice his mood change every time the sound comes on.

He will likely also bump his head, stump his feet, and might dance and be goofy.

But if he starts getting into other things or look bored and just sit and chill, clearly your birdie does not like the music you are playing, and you should probably change it.

Having said that, I’m convinced that softer music like classical and Jazz are more exciting to birds than heavily amplified and synthesized tunes.

I could swear my cockatiel’s favorite tune is “Papa was a rolling stone.” Speckles bob his head to every riff and go over the moon when the trumpet comes on.

Is Loud Music Bad for Parrots, Birds

Parrots like music and react to it by bumping their heads, but beats and noises that are too loud will bother most types.

Some birds might try to match the sound by screaming, though that’s not to say they are enjoying it. With time, you’ll notice your parrot start to turn towards a wall or under a cover in an effort to avoid the noise.

Moreover, while your bird may not always react to short stints of loud noise, continued exposure has a long-lasting effect.

Your birdies, given their sensitive hearing, will readily suffer eardrum damage and psychological trauma with the prolonged exposure to loud noises, including music.

To further augment this argument, research has shown/a> that both adult birds and nestlings show multiple signs of chronic stress occasioned by noise pollution and characterized by increased anxiety, distraction, and hypervigilance.

[As such, I recommend only playing soft, calming music for your parrots. Even so, if your birdie love heavy tunes with a loud beat, tune just slightly below the level an average human would be comfortable with.

If you are a musician that loves to play musical instruments like guitars, violins, french horns, or even amplified music, I recommend having your bird outside or in a separate room, especially if you notice him get agitated or if practicing for a long while.

Do Wild Birds Like Music

Chances are wild birds like soft, calming music, same as house birdies do. But for the most part, they are better singers than they are listeners.

Some forms of human music might interest them, but amplified mainstream music with aminated effects such as pop, rock, and hip-hop is perhaps noise to the birds.

Soft piano, guitar, and violins sounds are arguably more musical from a bird’s perspective than billboard records that youngins love to dance to.

And it’s easy to see why.

See, if you were to compare the sound produced by a musical instrument, it’s probably more similar to a bird’s twilight tune than a Taylor Swift banger.

For that reason, I do not think overall human music is good enough to make wild birds scrum for space around your house, but they will most definitely here and enjoy it.

Should You Leave Music on for Your Bird

Playing music for your birdies excites them since they love to hear certain types of notes and instruments. Granted, it would not hurt to leave some tunes on for your bird to vibe to while you are away.

However, I would like to think that same as humans, too much music can be irritating for your parrots. As such, if you are going to leave some tunes on, I recommend calm music with plenty of live instruments.

Leaving music on for your birds is particularly potent when you need to bloat out the quiet in the home, more so in a drab environment, like in the suburbs.

Too much quiet can make your bird nervous and bored, which can readily escalate to self-harming behavior if not resolved. The music will keep your birdie busy and happy atmosphere.

Having said that, if you plan on leaving music on while you step out, it’s imperative that you allow your birdie some quiet time. So, put the system on a timer to go off after some time till maybe later.

Happy Birding 🦉🦜🦢🐦.


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